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Repatriation Center for Repatriated and Migrants - Ecumenical Refugee Program

The non-profit organization of the Church of Greece, the "Repatriation and Immigrant Center for Refugees", was founded in 2012. 

In particular, within the United Nations High Commissioner for Combating Organized Crime (Bringing Families together) program for Refugees, the Ecumenical Refugee Program of the Church of Greece maintains an office at Moschonion Street 5 in Athens, where it provides legal support to refugees who wish to reunify with members of their family  in continental Europe.The service  is open to the public every Monday and Wednesday 10 am to 1 pm. At Varatasi Street 2, a second service takes care of asylum cases in Greece and it is supported by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and the CCME.

This office works exclusively by appointment. The staff of the organization consists of experienced lawyers, social workers and scientists of humanities, whose high scientific training and ecclesiastical ethos always puts the human face above the structures, institutions and modern economic doctrines, as long as its driving force the operation of the bearer is genuine love, which "seeks for itself". 

Those who wish to learn more about  the Ecumenical Refugee Program and contribute to its work, can contact us at 2107295926 and [email protected]

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