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BSF - Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders)

Created in 2007, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF) is one of the leading international organizations working to reduce vulnerability of populations through better access to education, information and culture.

Created in 2013 by Libraries without Borders as a humanitarian response device for access to information, education and culture, Ideas Box is a portable media centre. In 20 minutes, the Ideas Box unfolds on 100 m2 and can accommodate up to one hundred people. Ideas Box comes fully-furnished and equipped with an electrical generator (if need be), tablets, computers, home cinema, and with an extensive selection of contents systematically adapted to the context of implementation (books, eBooks, videos, applications, board games, educational and recreational material). The Ideas Box also creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on which users can connect with their smartphones or tablets etc. to access thousands of pedagogical, educational, cultural resources. Both digital and physical contents are customized according to the needs of the partner and beneficiaries in terms of topics, languages, culture etc.

Beyond food, water, and shelter, the Ideas Box strengthens the humanitarian response by providing populations with the tools to cope with boredom and trauma, empowering them to create solutions to the challenges they face.

Bibliothèques Sans Frontières is running projects in Greece since February 2016, in close collaboration with local and international partners in order to improve access to information, non-formal education and culture as well as to foster psychosocial relief through joint projects.


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