Activity fields

Network for Children's Rights


Uphold and disseminate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been signed by Greece, together with another 191 countries.

- Inform children about the institutions that protect them at national, European and international level.
- Fight discrimination of any kind.
- Campaign for high quality education.
- Encourage minorities and socially excluded groups to demand access to education.
- Safeguard children from underage labour and exploitation in the workplace.
- Identify problems faced by children from vulnerable groups such as children of immigrants, refugees, repatriates, sick children and children in care or young offenders’ institutions.
- Increase public awareness about the right of every child to be protected against all forms of violence, insults, abandonment, neglect, abuse and exploitation.
- Disseminate information relating to the curtailment of smoking, alcohol consumption and drug abuse by children.
- Carry out research at local and regional level, gather facts and statistics about all matters relating to children’s rights.
- Collaborate with relevant institutions, international organisations and other NGOs in Greece and in Europe in order to find solutions to problems.

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