PISEA: Training Resources for Intercultural Training of Science Educators/Explainers

PISEA - Promoting Intercultural and Inclusive Science Education for Adults is a European Project which strives to make informal science learning and science engagement more inclusive and relevant for marginalised adults, particularly for groups of migrants and refugees who face economic, social, educational, cultural or language barriers and discrimination. 


This concrete and innovative tool aimed at the science museum and science center community will aim to improve their staff competences in view of using science education for social inclusion and intercultural dialogue and in view of promoting science literacy and key competences of diverse groups of refugees and migrants through science activities.

PISEA offers practical tools for staff members to develop or improve their Intercultural competences.This resource is a series of training modules that are designed for use in training workshops. They can be held separately or as a tailor-made training course with several (or all) modules combined. 

Link: http://www.pisea.eu/sites/default/files/training_resources_en.pdf

Also see PISEA: Working with Refugees and Migrants as Co-Explainers:




 For more information on the Project:  http://www.pisea.eu.

The national coordinator for the project in Greece is Ellinogermaniki Agogi (ΕΑ). Here is a list with the research work of ΕΑ: https://www.ea.gr/ea/main.asp?id=601&lag=en.

For more information regarding the material, please refer to Mrs. Eugenia Kipripotis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & 210 8176791