Settling In 2018 - Indicators of Immigrant Integration

This joint OECD-European Commission publication presents a comprehensive international comparison across all EU and OECD countries - as well as selected G20 countries - of the integration outcomes of immigrants and their children, using 74 indicators based on three strands: labour market and skills; living conditions; and civic engagement and social integration. read more

Comic as a tool for social integration

The BONDS educational model (Booster the emotional dimension of social inclusion for immigrant mothers and children) uses comics as a learning tool and aims at the social integration of immigrants and refugees. read more

Asylum Seekers on Hold - Aspects of the asylum procedures in Greece

The report on asylum procedure in Greece was edited by the AITIMA NGO in the context of the Monitoring the Asylum Procedures Pilot Project that took place during the period of September 2016 – March 2017. It does not constitute an exhaustive presentation of the asylum procedures and the issues that arise in their context. read more

Migration legal guide for practitioners in Greece

With this booklet, IOM wants to support and complement the Greek efforts in this field creating a very operational tool that would assist practitioners in the implementation of Greek Law and European Directives. This booklet provides a comprehensive overlook of all protection schemes available to migrants according to the Greek laws supporting relevant professionals in the provision of immediate assistance thus avoiding further marginalization of the most vulnerable. read more

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