Mini Lexicon for Basic Communication

This lexicon is aimed at assisting refugees and migrants who are in Greece. It can be used to facilitate their communication with Greekspeakers for the exchange of general information, as well as information on matters related to living conditions, food, health, and protection. Special chapters are included for women and unaccompanied children. The second edition of the Mini Lexicon introduces new vocabulary in relation to public services, education, lifestyle and culture in Greece, which will help with refugees' and migrants' access to services and integration in the social environment. read more

The Enquiring Classroom

The "Enquiring Classroom" project seeks to develop strategies to support teachers and students in engaging in difficult ethical conversations about identity, religions and beliefs, democratic values, diversity, belonging and violence, in order to establish a firm foundation for inclusive and tolerant schools and classrooms. read more

Democracy through Drama

The online community for the Democracy through Drama project is addressing a range of issues essential for democratic classrooms and schools that are facilitated by competent teachers aiming to increase student civic engagement and democratic awareness and participation. read more

PISEA: Training Resources for Intercultural Training of Science Educators/Explainers

PISEA - Promoting Intercultural and Inclusive Science Education for Adults is a European Project which strives to make informal science learning and science engagement more inclusive and relevant for marginalised adults, particularly for groups of migrants and refugees who face economic, social, educational, cultural or language barriers and discrimination.  read more

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