An e-bridge to coordination and cooperation

The ACCMR Digital Coordination Platform aims to support the effective mapping of services and activities concerning migrants and refugees in the City of Athens and thus to facilitate the exchange of information and resources between the different stakeholder groups involved in the provision of services/organization of activities and between their professional staff.

It also connects organizations with individuals, businesses and other actors who want to offer support. 

The detailed mapping of services for migrants and refugees within the geographical boundaries of Athens, offers immediate insight into possible gaps in service provision. The extracted statistics are processed by our team and become a valuable evidence base for the municipality’s effort to upgrade its services.

The ACCMR platform was created with an exclusive grant from Stavros Niarchos Foundation under the “Migration and Refugees Coordination Center & Observatory" project, which is being implemented with the support of Athens Partnership. Since May 2019 the ACCMR Digital Platform is running with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Here you can find a guide on how to use ACCMR Platform. 

Members of the Platform

Services providers & Activities organizers

The ACCMR platform is open to local and international NGOs, international organizations, migrant and refugee community groups, citizen groups and other stakeholders who organize and/or support initiatives in support of migrants and refugees. 

After signing up for, they can post their services and / or activities and update information when needed.


The ACCMR platform is open to individuals, businesses and other stakeholders wishing to support services and activities concerning migrants and refugees.

After signing up, they can indicate what can they contribute, e.g. know-how, technical equipment or financial donation, and our team undertakes to bring them in contact with organizations whose needs regarding the implementation of their services and activities match to the offer.

Connecting demand and supply

The ability to bring providers/organizers and supporters into contact is a valuable tool. Based on the data stored on the ACCMR platform, its members can locate and utilize the available support of registered supporters and thus aid their initiatives. In addition, via the ACCMR connectivity tool, organizations can communicate with each other and exchange knowledge and human resources.

Thanks to our cooperation with the synAthina digital platform, the registered supporters on the ACCMR platform, can also support activities for migrants and refugees on

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