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City of Athens - Municipal Health Clinic network

Για ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.

Municipal Health Clinic Network - Directorate of Municipal Health Clinics & Public Health

See here for changes in the City of Athens service program as part of its public health protection measures against coronavirus.

As a Primary Healthcare provider, the Municipal Health Clinic network offers all citizens a range of basic healthcare and social welfare services including:

- Healthcare services which do not require hospital admission

- Assessment of citizens' Health needs, planning and implementation of measures for illness prevention and health promotion

- Infrastructure for storage and management of the population's complete medical information and data

- Family planning

- Preventive dental care

- Post-hospital care and rehabilitation

- Monitoring of chronically ill patients

- Community care

Υου may find more information at the section "services provided by us" further down in the current page.

Please find bellow all services provided under the Directorates of Municipal Health Clinics & Public Health and of Social Solidarity (formerly Directorate of Social Solidarity and Health):

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  2. Social Solidarity has a face... (EN)
  3. Le visage de la solidarité sociale... (FR)
  4. الوجه الإنساني للتكافل الاجتماعي(Arab)
  5. ... همبستگی اجتماع چهره دارد(Farsi)
  6. سماجی یکجہتی چہرہ رکھتی ہے  (Urdu)

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