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ANKAA Project

Who we are

The ANKAA Project, a registered NPO in Luxembourg with MKO status in Greece, was born out of a belief in the potential of displaced communities.

Rather than focusing our efforts on providing ‘Band-Aid’ solutions to the problem, we provide people with the tools to create their own sustainable livelihoods for rebuilding their lives in a dignified and personal manner.

We bring people together to break the cycle of disempowerment, and work towards mutual goals that are economically, socially, culturally and educationally sustainable and beneficial to all participants.

Our approach

We provide departments aimed at different employment sectors that provide vocational training, skill exchange and up-skilling moments, access to professional workspaces and opportunities to take part in collaborative projects.

Each department is supported by employability training focused on entrepreneurship, networking, marketing and training in online platforms and social media.

Denying labels that reduce people to stereotypes and highlight their vulnerability, we advocate for inclusion, an acknowledgement of a shared history, and a celebration of cultures and skills.

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