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Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development

Jafra fndation for Relief & Youth Development - we are a collective of Palestinian and Syrian youth who were displaced by the war in Syria. Our team comprises of twenty-four core team members of refugees who collectively design, facilitate, and operate cultural programmes, vocational training and languages classes in addition to a developmental programme for women, children and young people, a sewing circle for refugee women, mental and physical health education and an accompaniment social service etc. Our program serves approximately 700 refugees weekly. In addition, we run six food and sanitary basket campaigns annually that serve approximately 6000 people who live in dire conditions in local squats and camps. We also operate a program for children with special needs that offers support families services to thirty-four families.

Jafra Foundation grown exponentially over the last number of years and has recently acquired a four-story building in Exarchia, central Athens, which includes a children's workshop space, women's workshop space, an educational floor with five classes, a sports area, relief campaign registry offices and finally our cultural forum space form where over twenty full-time volunteers work. In addition, the organization now attracts temporary volunteers
from all over the world.

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