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Zaatar NGO

We are a Greek NGO helping refugees and migrants in the area of ​​Athens through a number of projects:

  • The first of these projects is the "Orange House", a multicenter which is open seven days a week and welcomes 200 people on a daily basis, all of whom attend courses (languages, computers, cv workshop, cooking class, etc.), in combination with cultural and sports activities. In addition, the multicenter offers psychosocial and legal advice services free of charge.
  • The second project concerns the existence of a shelter which can provide accomodation for up to 15 women.
  • The third project of our organisation has to do with a social enterprise designed to offer job opportunities to refugees and migrants. This social enterprise is part of the "Layali Project", which includes a beauty salon as well as a shop with handcrafts.
  • Finally, within the "Atlas Project", we provide a safe and friendly support group for the LGBTQ community.

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