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One child, one world

"One child, one world" is a community-based organization aiming at the well-being of each child by offering services for the whole family. Based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, “one child, one world” implements innovative and up to date social, psychological, educational, recreational programs focusing on child and family care through education and lifelong learning, art and culture, research and development of psychosocial and Community support.

The programs offered apply to families residing in the center of Athens and each different program is tailored to the needs of the community and the families. On a daily basis there are parent counseling programs, liaison services with other institutions, individual and family counselling, parent-child groups, information meetings for parents and professionals, awareness-raising activities, education programs for primary school students, adult programs, art workshops and visits to places of art and culture.

The organization is supervised by external experts to continuously improve the services offered and evaluate its programs and actions and participates in research-action programs with Greek and European stakeholders, utilizing its knowledge and experience and co-shaping new techniques of community support and empowerment.

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