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METAdrasi is a Greek Civil Society Organisation, founded in 2010, with primary purpose to cover long-lasting gaps in the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece. METAdrasi's activities are innovative and focus on the following areas: interpretation and intercultural mediation, protection of unaccompanied children and other vulnerable groups, education and integration.

Our aim is to continue providing quality services having as guiding principles the consistency, the efficiency and the flexibility in order to adjust to emerging needs.

Interpretation: Training of interpreters and provision of interpretation services in over 43 language and dialects, to enable vital communication with refugees and migrants

Protection of unaccompanied children and vulnerable groups through a comprehensive safety net of activities including safe escorting missions from border locations to permanent accommodation facilities, transit accommodation facilities and pioneering activities as the guardianship network, the unaccompanied minors’ foster care programme and the supported semi-independent living for unaccompanied minors

Legal aid to asylum-seekers, identification and certification of victims of torture, accommodation and support to single parent families and humanitarian aid material collection and distribution

Education and integration of refugees and migrants through tailored educational programmes, Greek language courses, work placement opportunities for adults as well as developing educational material for teaching or learning Greek as a foreign language

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