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Red Cross

The Hellenic Red Cross, founded on June 10, 1877, is the biggest humanitarian organization in Greece. According to its legal status, H.R.C. is a non-profit organization, officially registered in 1914 recognized by the Hellenic Republic as a voluntary aid society, auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field. In relation to the public authorities, H.R.C. maintains an autonomy and in order to achieve its humanitarian mandate, H.R.C. collaborates with other entities, both governmental and non-governmental.

Being present in the Greek community for over 140 years, the Hellenic Red Cross provides assistance and support to vulnerable groups (migrants, refugees, unaccompanied minors, elderly and disabled people, multi-membered and single headed families, homeless, long-lasting unemployed, etc.) by implementing a variety of programs, including inter alia: First aid and rescue activities, Programs for psychosocial support and counselling to people with social difficulties such as migrants, refugees, homeless, long-term unemployed, single headed and multi-membered families, chronically ill, etc.), implemented by HRC social services all over Greece, community programs for the elderly and disabled people (one elderly Open Care Centre and two “Home Assistance” projects in Athens), primary and secondary health care programs, programs for the temporary accommodation of asylum seekers and unaccompanied migrant children (three centres for unaccompanied migrant children in Volos, Athens and Kalavrita, one integration program, “Multifunctional Centre for Social Support and Integration of Refugees”, in Athens and the Restoring Family Links program.

Based on voluntary work, the H.R.C. mobilizes 12.000 volunteers to carry out its humanitarian work. (4.500 Nursing Volunteers, 3.000 Social Welfare Volunteers and the 4.500 Samaritan, Rescue and Lifeguards Volunteers). The humanitarian work of H.R.C. is extended through 86 H.R.C. local branches and 10 H.R.C. Committees all over Greece.

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