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City of Athens Homeless Shelter (KYADA)

Για ελληνικά ακολουθήστε τον σύνδεσμο.

See here for changes in the City of Athens service program as part of its public health protection measures against coronavirus.

The purpose of the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA) is to address the problems of vulnerable populations affected by poverty and experiencing exclusion and social isolation. Through its structures, the Reception and Solidarity Center supports approximately 26,000 citizens each month.

The operation of the KYADA started in 2005. 

The services of KYADA currently include:

• Providing practical support to socially vulnerable groups in the city through the provision of food, housing, clothing, health care services, etc.

• Conducting research and studies and utilize conclusions.

• The development of new structures to meet as much as possible the needs of vulnerable social groups in the city.

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