Score a Goal for Inclusivity - Footbal match!

The Athens Comics Library and the US Embassy in Greece work with American soccer stars with the aim of empowering women and lifting exclusions.

How can football empower women and young girls? Can a football match contribute to social integration and cohesion? The US Embassy in Athens brings to Greece Tara Koleski and Jennifer Grubb, former players of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, for a series of meetings and activities, which will highlight the social impact of the most popular sport in the world.

As part of their visit to Greece, Tara Koleski and Jennifer Grubb will participate in a friendly football match, on Thursday, November 10 at 18:00, at the Ruf Municipal Stadium “Dimitris Giannakopoulos” (Petrou Ralli 58, 177 78, Athens).

The two American players will compete together with veteran and active footballers (Yourkas Seitaridis, Nana Plexida, Angelos Basinas, Antonis Nikopolidis), sports journalists (Maria Zafiratou) and other representatives of humanitarian organizations (Dina Dziora, Leda Tsene, Alexia Karapatsia, Penelope Theodorakakou).

The match will highlight sports and football as tools against discrimination and social exclusion and is organized with the kind support of the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens.

The race is open to the public and has free entry.

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