The international digital exhibition: "Equal in Dignity and Rights" returns! Take part

On the occasion of World Human Rights Day, the international digital exhibition: “Equal in Dignity and Rights” returns for the second consecutive year. This is an initiative of KMOP and the Greek pioneering digital art and culture platform Artit, through which they aspire to highlight the value of the promotion and protection of human rights, in an ever-changing world.

This exhibition is open to all visual artists who wish to send a message of unity and highlight, through their creations, the unique way in which art promotes human rights and raises awareness for a better, more just society and sustainable.

Watch the video of the invitation on KMOP’s YouTube channel.

How can you participate?

To participate in the free international exhibition and display your works:

  • Create your account for free on the Artit platform
  • Build your portfolio
  • Submit your works, briefly describing their connection to human rights

Deadline for submission of projects: February 1, 2024

Good luck to everyone!

You can see the previous international digital exhibition “Equal in Dignity and Rights” at the following link:

If you too wish to support the international digital exhibition, “Equal in Dignity and Rights”, see how you can contribute here.

ℹ️ For more information about the international exhibition you can contact 2103637547 or via email at [email protected] (Mrs. Danai Papadimitriou) [email protected] (Mr. Giorgos Koulouris).

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