Recruitment of Participants for Women's Groups for GBV Primary Prevention Intervention

IRC Hellas is  recruiting candidates for the women’s groups starting in December in Athens within the framework of EMAP, the new intervention for the prevention of gender-based violence. Apply for this activity and share it with women who would be interested in joining (beneficiaries of your projects and your friends/acquaintances).

What is EMAP, though? EMAP (Engaging Men in Accountable Practices) is a structured intervention that involves men and women in single-gender group discussions designed to bring about a behavioural change regarding gender stereotypes leading to gender-based violence and to establish and strengthen male allies.

How will we do it? We start with the women’s group discussions. Participants will share everything that concerns them about their daily lives, their roles as women and how they envision a safer, more inclusive society. We will then integrate the women’s testimonies (anonymised) into the sessions with the men in order to reflect on and raise awareness around gender stereotypes and the role men can play as allies.

In which language? The women’s and men’s groups are aimed at the English and French-speaking people (mainly from Africa), but also at the Greek-speaking population (including NGO staff). We hope to engage other communities in the future!

When do we start? Right away! The women’s groups will start very soon, in December. The men will wait a while until January for the groups to start. The sessions for women will run for 2 months (8 meetings/1 time per week).

If interested, register by filling out the registration form or by reaching out to us directly at the phone numbers shown on the attached leaflets.

Help us spread the word on social media in English, French and Greek!