Odyssea's New Courses 2019 - Open for registration

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  • Προθεσμία εγγραφής: 31/10/2019

Odyssea schedules the organization of 9 different courses, covering diverse thematic areas, prioritizing social integration and connection of our beneficiaries with the World of Work.

Makers Residency, Programming, Basic IT, Sales, Presentation and Entrepreneurial Skills, Woodworking, Metalworking, CNC operation, and Line cooking belong to the main pillars of our Training Program, accompanied by a series of soft skills training, namely; Analytical Thinking, Agile Training, Life Coaching and Career Counselling.

Entrepreneurial training is additionally backed by Digital Social Marketing and introduction to Greek Taxation, for those trainees interested in working as freelancers.

All courses include four critical milestones:
1) Induction: info about the course, trainees’ commitment, career prospects, working hours, and salary expectations, as soon as they finish training.
2) Vocational Training: tailored made courses, following a certain curriculum, including project assignments and assessment phases during and at the end of the course.
3) Study visits: minimum 2 visits to relevant work places, so as to be familiarized with the working conditions and gain hands-on experience.
4) Career Days: on completion of the training, beneficiaries meet with professionals of the field, aiming at networking, internships and potential cooperation.

Online registration is now open