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In collaboration with the Good Chance Theatre, the Athens Comics Library supports the new show “The Walk with Amal”.

Little Amal, a young refugee, embarks on a remarkable journey – an epic voyage that will take her across Turkey, across Europe. To find her mother. To get back to school. To start a new life. Will the world let her? Can she achieve what now seems more impossible than ever?

The Walk is a mobile – walking art festival featuring a variety of government, humanitarian and arts organizations and institutions, from both Europe and Asia under the umbrella and coordinated by Good Chance from the United States Kingdom.

Starting on the Syrian-Turkish border in 2021 and reaching as far as the United Kingdom, The Journey will bring together renowned artists, cultural figures, community groups and humanitarian organizations to create one of the most innovative and daring public works of art in the world. never attempted. The heart of the Journey, ‘Little Amal’, a 3.5-meter puppet in the form of a young refugee, created by the distinguished Handspring Puppet Company, represents all the displaced children in the world, many of whom live away from their families. will travel more than 8,000 km, carrying the urgent message “Do not forget us”.

The Journey is a production of the internationally renowned Good Chance Theater which he presents in collaboration with the award-winning producer and director Stephen Daldry, David Lan and the producer of the 2012 London Olympics Tracey Seaward, under the artistic direction of the internationally renowned director Zuabi.

An important part of the whole initiative is the educational program “One step forward” that will operate in parallel with the artistic activities of Travel. Before, after and during her journey, little Amal will bring young people together through creative learning programs, with the ultimate goal of creating a global network of trainers, organizations and teams. As part of those educational workshops Athens Comics Library offers:

“Your story in comics” – Comics and storytelling workshop

23 & 24 January 2021 / (2 three hours).

Duration: 6 hours

Aimed at primary and secondary school teachers

Animation / Educational team: Lida Tseene, Vassilia Vaxevani

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