The School Street Art and Acceptance Festival is an action initiated by the artist and founder of the Association "Art and Action Network", Eleni Karagianni, as an innovative cultural program taking place in various schools in Athens and Attica, Region.

It aims to create a framework that will give to the educational community (pupils, teachers and parents) the opportunity to get out of the school building and interact with the community.

  • To gain visibility into all the good practices that are currently taking place in the Greek Public School, around the issue of human rights and anti-discrimination.
  • Bridging cultural differences and bringing together all communities living in this country.
  • To promote those groups (organizations, collectives, artistic groups, etc.) that are already close to the Greek school and interact with its members or povide services in places where there are vulnerable groups (eg refugee hosting centers). 
  • To present forms of art that most people are not familiar with. 
  • Have fun and make new friends. 

Since October 2017, the festival has acquired an institutional character and it takes place in the center of Athens under the auspices of the City of Athens.


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