Understanding mental health and mobilizing collective resources; explanatory models and coping in refugee populations

In the context of the collaboration Terre des hommes Hellas has with the Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group of the University of Bergen, in research and training activities, we are inviting you to this webinar on October 22nd , 2021 from 13.00 to 15.00

In this workshop Prof. Grø Sandal and Prof. Eugene Guribye will discuss about the explanatory models and coping strategies related to refugee mental health that are often employed by refugee population. Additionally, collective coping as a form of proactive community-based coping will be introduced. The data presented are based in research evidence and observation, working with different groups of people on the move in Norway and in Greece.

This webinar is addressed to actors/professionals that are working in the refugee/migration context and/or with the general population, within the mental health and psychosocial context and/or will be interested in related topics.

Prof. Grø Sandal is a Professor at the Department of Psychosocial Science and the leader of the Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group. She is also a clinical psychologist specializing in cultural/ethnic differences in conceptualizations of mental health, work and organizational psychology in cross-cultural contexts and human performance and adaptation in extreme environments. 

Prof. Eugene Guribye is a Research Professor at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. He is a social anthropologist with a PhD from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen. He has conducted numerous fieldworks in Norway, Ecuador, Poland, Greece and Sri Lanka. He is a board member of Nordic Migration Research and Norwegian Migration Research.

Language of delivery: English

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