Do you organize non-for profit activities aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable groups, including migrants and refugees, and promoting social inclusion? 

If you have signed up your organization on the ACCMR webpage you can easily register your activity and leave your mark on the Athens map!

The term activity refers to one-off activities in support of people living in Athens and organized by actors with or without legal status (NGOs, international organizations, migrant community groups, citizens groups, municipal services/bodies etc). The activities are beneficial for migrants and refugees, and cover the following thematic areas: solidarity, culture, economy, public space, technology, environment, health, education and child.


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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Info Day

18 SEP 2019

Info Day on Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (Wednesday, September 18, 18:00 - 20:00).

September "Job Clubs" at the Center for Social Integration and Employability of Caritas Hellas in Kipseli

20 SEP 2019 – 27 SEP 2019

Every Friday of September, 12.00 - 14.30, job search workshops "Job Clubs"


NCR Youth Center Opening Event

20 SEP 2019

Network for Children's Rights Youth Center opens its doors and welcomes autumn

Vocational training Program "Skills for care of the elderly"

23 SEP 2019 – 09 OCT 2019

Vocational Training Programs "Skills for Care-giving to the Elderly" (Sep.-Nov.) Starting on Monday 23rd of September 2019.


Caritas Hellas-Greek Festival at the Social Spot in Neos Kosmos

25 SEP 2019 – 27 SEP 2019

As a part of the Greek language lessons, the Social Spot of Caritas Hellas Neos Kosmos, is carrying out the Greek festival, with the view of the beneficiaries will get a better knowledge of the Greek culture. Aiming to support their integration into

Caritas Hellas-Summer Movies at Caritas Social Spot in Neos Kosmos

26 SEP 2019

Thursday 26/09/2019 20:00 “Maiden's Cheek” (Greece, 1959)


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