This is an Open Call for participation in our fabrication incubator for
greek unemployed people, refugees and immigrants

We are going to provide free education in digital and traditional technologies, aiming in product development. The participants will attend digital fabrication classes, learn how to design and craft from prototype to end product and they will get professional guiding and consulting throughout this project.

The 5 educational seminars are going to be 2D Design, 3D Printing,
Vinyl Cutting, Laser cutting, Woodworking,
 as well as, consulting for
Electronics & Robotics.

The goal of the groups will be to create a specific project, utilizing all the educational seminars in some way. The projects will be decided with the beneficiaries in the direction of full-scale games, such as an arcade machine, a pinball etc.

The final products are going to be donated by the groups, to refugee
community centers or camps of their choice.


Apply Here